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I was extremely impressed with the succulents ordered. They arrived in good shape and are ready for our market. I was impressed at the wide variety of succulents in the 45 pack I ordered. I will be back to order more plants for my ship in the near future.

Joel Appelbaum - June 1, 2021
Cactus in a pot

Succulents & Cactus

Exploding in popularity in recent years are succulents. People love succulents because they are relatively easy to care for. Included in this category are Cactus, Echeverias, and Haworthias. Click here to view the many varieties of succulents you can purchase in bulk for your business.
Peace lily houseplant.

Foliage & Exotic Plants

Our foliage packs include a wide variety of houseplants such as fittonias, pileas, hypoestes, and much more. Click here to see all of the bulk purchasing options for our bulk-packed potted houseplants.
Fern plant in a beautiful pot.

Ferns & Moss

Ferns and mosses are hot items for terrariums and container gardens. Our fern and moss packs offer great value to your retail customers. Click here to see our fern or moss packs.
Potted Venus flytrap

Carnivorous Plants

The world's most fascinating plants also happen to eat bugs. We sell an assortment of Venus flytraps, Sarracenia Pitcher plants, and combo packs of assorted carnivorous plants. Click here to see your purchase options.
Tillandsia air plant in a glass vase.

Tillandsia "Air Plants"

Tillandsias, otherwise known as air plants are epiphytes, meaning that in nature, they grow on other plants, usually on tree branches. There are hundreds of species and varieties of air plants. Click here to purchase standard or premium variety Tillandsia packs.
Japanese Bonsai tree in a pot.


Our starter Bonsai trees come in 5 popular varieties. Perfect for nurseries, garden centers, flower shops, and more. Click here to order a 45 or 90-pack of Bonsai miniature trees.

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