4-inch Graptopetalum Pentandrum

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  • Each Graptopetalum Pentandrum comes potted in a 4-inch plastic container, perfectly sized for effortless placement.
  • Available in convenient packs of either 15 or 30 plants, catering to your unique planting needs.
  • Enjoy exceptional affordability with a unit cost of $3.99 per plant for the 15-pack option and $3.66 for the 30-pack option.
  • Swift and secure delivery is guaranteed via either USPS priority shipping or FedEx 2 – 3 day ground service. Orders are dispatched on Mondays and Tuesdays each week, ensuring optimal plant health upon arrival.

Celebrate Nature’s Sculptural Elegance

Please elevate your succulent collection with the striking beauty of our 4-inch potted Graptopetalum Pentandrum, available in packs of 15 or 30. This exquisite succulent variety captivates with its rosette-forming, silvery-gray leaves that reflect light beautifully, creating a luminous display. It’s the perfect choice for business owners aiming to add a touch of sophistication and natural artistry to their spaces and for plant enthusiasts seeking a visually stunning yet easy-to-care-for addition to their indoor or outdoor gardens.

Each Graptopetalum Pentandrum is thoughtfully potted in a 4-inch container, offering ample room for its elegant rosettes to expand and thrive. Ideal for adorning office desks, creating serene windowsill arrangements, or incorporating into mixed succulent displays, ‘Pentandrum’ brings a serene, sculptural beauty to any setting.


  • Striking Silvery Foliage: Offers a serene, reflective quality that enhances any decor style.
  • Compact and Versatile: Perfect for small spaces or as a standout piece within a larger arrangement.
  • Low Maintenance: Adaptable and resilient, thriving with minimal care and attention.

Caring for Your Graptopetalum Pentandrum:

  • Light: Prefers bright, indirect sunlight. Direct sun can intensify the silver hue of the leaves.
  • Watering: Water sparingly, allowing the soil to completely dry out between waterings.
  • Soil: Use a well-draining succulent or cactus mix to ensure optimal health.
  • Temperature: Protect from frost. Prefers mild to warm environments.
  • Feeding: Lightly fertilize with a succulent fertilizer during the growing season to encourage vibrant growth.


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Weight 7 lbs
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Petandrum4-inch Graptopetalum Pentandrum
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