2-inch Premium Foliage Mix

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Our 2-inch Premium Foliage Mix is the ultimate way to add a tropical flair to your garden center or plant shop. This mix includes a variety of the highest quality, exotic plants with colorful, lush foliage that will bring a touch of paradise to any space. These plants are stunning and easy to care for, and they are sure to be a hit with your customers. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your plant selection. Order your 2-inch Premium Foliage Mix today! With a case of 45 plants, you’ll have plenty to go around and keep your business looking its best.

  • Each plant comes in a plastic 2-inch pot.
  • Comes with either 45 or 90 plants in 10+ varieties.
  • This Foliage pack contains alocasias, callisias, fittonias, peperomias, and more. Please scroll below to see the complete list of foliage varieties that we select from.
  • Unit cost per pot for the 45-pack is $1.88 per plant. The unit cost per pot for the 90-pack is $1.77 per plant.
  • Shipped via FedEx 2 – 3 day ground delivery. Orders are shipped Monday and Tuesday each week.

Below are the varieties of Premium Foliage that are included in this box of plants. Please note that not every variety of Premium Foliage illustrated below will be included in your order.

Alocasia sp. "elephant ears" (premium)

Alocasia sp. “elephant ears” (premium)

Alternanthera Ficcoidea 'christmas tree' (premium)

Alternanthera Ficcoidea ‘christmas tree’ (premium)

Callisia 'elegans' (premium)

Callisia ‘elegans’ (premium)

Carex Oshimensis Evergold ' variegated japanese sedge (premium)

Carex Oshimensis Evergold ‘ variegated japanese sedge (premium)

chamaedorea elegans 'neanthe bella palm' (premium)

chamaedorea elegans ‘neanthe bella palm’ (premium)

Crassula Sarmentosa 'lemon lime jade' (premium)

Crassula Sarmentosa ‘lemon lime jade’ (premium)

Cryptanthus Bivittatus 'earth star' (premium)

Cryptanthus Bivittatus ‘earth star’ (premium)

Cyanotis Kewensis 'teddy bear vine' (premium)

Cyanotis Kewensis ‘teddy bear vine’ (premium)

Dizygotheca Elegantissma 'bianca false aralia' (premium)

Dizygotheca Elegantissma ‘bianca false aralia’ (premium)

Ficus Benjamina Variegata 'variegated weeping fig' (premium)

Ficus Benjamina Variegata ‘variegated weeping fig’ (premium)

Ficus Pumila Variegata 'variegated creeping fig' (premium)

Ficus Pumila Variegata ‘variegated creeping fig’ (premium)

Ficus Salicifolia 'willow leaf ficus' (premium)

Ficus Salicifolia ‘willow leaf ficus’ (premium)

Fittonia Albivenis 'red nerve plant' (premium)

Fittonia Albivenis ‘red nerve plant’ (premium)

Fittonia Albivenis 'white nerve plant' (premium)

Fittonia Albivenis ‘white nerve plant’ (premium)

Hedera Helix Variegata 'variegated ivy' (premium)

Hedera Helix Variegata ‘variegated ivy’ (premium)

Hemigraphis Alternata 'waffle plant' (premium)

Hemigraphis Alternata ‘waffle plant’ (premium)

Homalocladium Platycladum 'ribbon plant' (premium)

Homalocladium Platycladum ‘ribbon plant’ (premium)

Lysimachia Nummularia Aurea 'golden creeping jenny' (premium)

Lysimachia Nummularia Aurea ‘golden creeping jenny’ (premium)

Pedilanthus sp. 'dwarf devil's backbone' (premium)

Pedilanthus sp. ‘dwarf devil’s backbone’ (premium)

Pellionia Pulchra 'polynesian ivy' (premium)

Pellionia Pulchra ‘polynesian ivy’ (premium)

Peperomia Argyreia 'watermelon peperomia' (premium)

Peperomia Argyreia ‘watermelon peperomia’ (premium)

Peperomia Axillaris (premium)

Peperomia Axillaris (premium)

Peperomia 'nevada' (premium)

Peperomia ‘nevada’ (premium)

Peperomia sp. bushy 'bushy peperomia' (premium)

Peperomia sp. bushy ‘bushy peperomia’ (premium)

Peperomia Caperata 'ripple peperomia' (premium)

Peperomia Caperata ‘ripple peperomia’ (premium)

Peperomia 'hope' (premium)

Peperomia ‘hope’ (premium)

Peperomia ‘metallica’ (premium)

Peperomia Pbtipan (premium)

Peperomia Pbtipan (premium)

Peperomia Obtusifolia 'baby rubber plant' (premium)

Peperomia Obtusifolia ‘baby rubber plant’ (premium)

Peperomia Puteolata 'parallel peperomia' (premium)

Peperomia Puteolata ‘parallel peperomia’ (premium)

Peperomia 'rosso' (premium)

Peperomia ‘rosso’ (premium)

Philodendron 'moonlight' (premium)

Philodendron ‘moonlight’ (premium)

Philodendron 'prince of orange' (premium)

Philodendron ‘prince of orange’ (premium)

Pilea Peperomioides 'chinese money plant' (premium)

Pilea Peperomioides ‘chinese money plant’ (premium)

Plectranthus (premium)

Plectranthus (premium)

Polyscias Fruticosa 'snowflake aralia' (premium)

Polyscias Fruticosa ‘snowflake aralia’ (premium)

Sansevieria Trifasciata 'golden hahnii 'golden birds nest' (premium)

Sansevieria Trifasciata ‘golden hahnii ‘golden birds nest’ (premium)

Saxifraga Stolonifera 'tricolor' (premium)

Saxifraga Stolonifera ‘tricolor’ (premium)

Selaginella sp. 'spikemoss' (premium)

Selaginella sp. ‘spikemoss’ (premium)

Serissa Japonica Variegated 'variegated snowrose (premium)

Serissa Japonica Variegated ‘variegated snowrose (premium)

Tradescantia Fluminensis 'albovittata' (premium)

Tradescantia Fluminensis ‘albovittata’ (premium)

Tradescantia 'nanouk' (premium)

Tradescantia ‘nanouk’ (premium)


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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

45 pack half case, 90 pack full case

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