4-inch Crassula Ovata Sunset

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  • Each Crassula Ovata Sunset comes potted in a 4-inch plastic container, perfectly sized for effortless placement.
  • Available in convenient packs of either 15 or 30 plants, catering to your unique planting needs.
  • Enjoy exceptional affordability: the unit cost for the 15-pack option is $3.99 per plant, and for the 30-pack option, it is $3.66 per plant.
  • Swift and secure delivery is guaranteed via either USPS priority mail or FedEx 2 – 3 day ground service. Orders are dispatched on Mondays and Tuesdays each week, ensuring optimal plant health upon arrival.

Bask in the Radiance of ‘Sunset’

Elevate your succulent garden with our 4-inch potted Crassula Ovata Sunset, available in sets of 15 or 30. This variant of the Jade Plant, dubbed ‘Sunset’, captivates with its rich, glossy green leaves adorned with vibrant red and orange tips, mirroring the breathtaking beauty of a sunset. Perfect for retailers aiming to offer an eye-catching succulent and for enthusiasts seeking to add warmth to their collection, the ‘Sunset’ Jade Plant stands out with its colorful foliage and easy maintenance.

Grown in spacious 4-inch pots, each Crassula Ovata Sunset is prepared to become a stunning focal point in any indoor or outdoor arrangement. Its larger size allows for an even more impressive display of the fiery hues that edge its leaves, making it an ideal choice for centerpieces, sunny windowsills, or a cheerful gift for plant lovers.

Caring for Your Crassula Ovata Sunset:

  • Light: Flourishes in bright, indirect light, enhancing its colorful leaf margins.
  • Watering: Water thoroughly once the soil has dried out, avoiding overwatering.
  • Soil: Best in a well-draining cactus or succulent mix for optimal health.
  • Temperature: Keep in a frost-free environment; enjoys temperatures from room to warm.



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