Tillandsia Butzii

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Introducing the perfect addition to any home or office environment, the Air plants Tillandsia Butzii Standard! These stunning plants stand out with their unique shape, color, and texture. They require little maintenance and provide some serious curb appeal. With its chic greenery and minimalistic design, the Tillandsia Butzii will be the talk of your space. Plus, you won’t have to worry about frequent watering thanks to these air-loving plants – rain or morning dew is usually sufficient once a month. All you need is love (and light), and you’ll be thrilled with your beautiful new addition to your abode!

To keep your Air Plants Tillandsia Butzii looking their best, ensure they get plenty of indirect sunlight throughout the day. Give it around 8 hours of bright but not direct sunlight throughout the day, preferably morning sun with no intense afternoon rays. Watering should only be needed once a month during summer; use rainwater or filtered tap water. In winter, they only require watering a few times during the whole season due to lower temperatures and air moisture levels.

We have four quantity configurations to suit any project of budget. The more you purchase, the greater the discount:

  • Single plant cost $4.99
  • 5 pack is $19.99 per plant. ($3.99 per plant)
  • 25 pack is $89.99 per plant. ($3.59 per plant)
  • 50 pack is $149.50 per plant. ($2.99 per plant)

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Weight 2.00 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

1 plant, 5 pack, 25 pack, 50 pack

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Tillandsia ButziiTillandsia Butzii
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