4-inch Patio Fruit Mix

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  • Each plant comes in a plastic 4-inch pot.
  • It comes with either 15 or 30 plants in 10+ varieties.
  • This week’s Patio Fruit mix includes Passion fruit, Banana, and Mulberry plants.
    . Please scroll below to see the complete list of patio fruit varieties we have selected.
  • The unit cost per pot for the 15-pack is $6.66 per plant. The unit cost per pot for the 30-pack is $6.33 per plant.
  • Shipped via FedEx 2 – 3 day ground delivery. Orders are shipped Mondays and Tuesdays each week.

The 4-inch Patio Fruit Mix is the perfect addition to any garden center. Not only is it a beautiful and unique addition to any patio or backyard, but it also produces delicious fruit! This low-maintenance plant is easy to care for and can thrive in full sun and partial shade. Garden center owners, imagine the delight of your customers as they enjoy fresh, juicy fruit from their patio. Offer them the 4-inch Patio Fruit Mix, and watch it fly off your shelves!

Below are the varieties of Patio Fruit included in this box of plants. Please note that only some of the varieties illustrated below will be included in your order.

Annas Comosus White Jade 'pineapple'

Annas Comosus White Jade ‘pineapple’

Barbados Cherry

Barbados Cherry

Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit

Hardy Fig

Hardy Fig

Musa Truly Tiny 'truly tiny banana'

Musa Truly Tiny ‘truly tiny banana’

Morus sp. 'dwarf everbearing' Mulberry

Morus sp. ‘dwarf everbearing’ Mulberry

Passiflora edulis possum purple 'passionfruit'

Passiflora edulis possum purple ‘passionfruit’



Rubus Glencoe 'raspberry'

Rubus Glencoe ‘raspberry’

Rubus prime-ark(r) freedom 'blackberry'

Rubus prime-ark(r) freedom ‘blackberry’

Strawberry tree

Strawberry tree

Vaccinium Top Hat 'dwarf blueberry'

Vaccinium Top Hat ‘dwarf blueberry’

Vitis 'blanc du bois' grape

Vitis ‘blanc du bois’ grape


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

15 pack half case, 30 pack full case

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Patio fruit4-inch Patio Fruit Mix
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